Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates Real-Time Values

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates Real-Time Values

It has significant bugs that make it more of a liability than a benefit and their support always says it’s not their fault. Don’t say you weren’t warned when you lose $$$ because it screws up. Otherwise, you will have two separate independent accounts, please keep this in mind. You can merge the accounts ONLY if the system will match the email addresses. The developer, TokenTact Technologies OU, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

This semi-automated crypto trading tool ensures that you can use the TokenTact terminal to set up smart trades using advanced settings. TokenTact is a crypto-focused trade platform that comes loaded with diverse trading tools, user-friendly interfaces, and strategies. It is a haven for traders who are looking to automate their spot trading, derivatives trading, HODL-based trading, and other strategies. And it takes the concept of algorithmic trading to a whole new level. If you’re a newbie trader, the exchange might be an excellent automated trading fit, as both account opening and bots are free. You only need an initial deposit to get started with one of the bots available.

As of 2023, this information remains up-to-date and accurate, providing a current snapshot of the crypto trading platform landscape. Throughout its history since 2019, TokenTact has not had any cases of a data breach. The service provider is striving to provide a safe environment for its traders at all times. The service aggregates liquidity from Huobi and Binance, which allows it to safely store the funds in them.


Numerous websites review the best forex robots and cover all of their features in detail – so make sure to read a few different reviews to get a comprehensive overview. Another thing to keep an eye out for is reviews and testimonials. The best types of reviews are Trustpilot reviews, as these are verified as real people and are not made up by the robot’s provider. Alternatively, some robots will have a dedicated Facebook page where current and former users may comment and add validity to the robot’s strategy. Even though bots have some potential loopholes, they limit emotional trading and maximize your potential to spot as many profitable deals as possible. Forex trading involves trading positions on currency pairs, the values of which are compared relative to one another.

  • You have successfully created your TokenTact account and subsequently started your 7 day trial.
  • 100% – all your profit will be reinvested into the bot’s trading amount.
  • As a non-custodial trading platform, the service does not hold users’ funds.
  • Even though financial authorities monitor unethical behavior, Forex is a somewhat gray market at the moment, and newbies fall into traps frequently.

The trickiest part is establishing a perfect tokens to recipients ratio. Allocating an underwhelming amount of coins might not bring expected marketing results. On the other hand, by giving out too many tokens, the blockchain project risks diluting their value on the market. In fact, the plunge in value can also occur if the recipients sell the coins right away.

Build your portfolio while you sleep using expertly engineered automated bots that deliver the performance elite traders demand with the simplicity new users need. This platform offers so many good opportunities to build passive income. In addition, with the stock exchanges, the greatest possible security that I know of.

The TokenTact customer care services are available 24/7 and use English and Russian to help their users address their concerns. They have their live chat, social media accounts, and FAQs to answer common questions. Most users find TokenTact customer service very responsive and willing to solve any issues or answer questions about the platform or trading.

Log into your account or complete the registration form on the TokenTact homepage. You’ll get to choose either to buy a subscription or use a free trial of PRO subscription to test bots. Configure bots on TokenTact and run them anytime you want, even when you sleep or chill on vacation. We’re a cloud-based service, so you don’t need to install any software or keep your computer online. Trade your strategies automatically, overcome emotions with bots, and never miss market opportunities.

Binance supports up to four different Ethereum versions, and it’s important to choose the correct network on which you are sending your coins. The most common is the original Ethereum network, on top of which a majority of smart contracts are deployed, i.e., ERC-20. Next, provide your login credentials, including the email address and password you used to set up the account. The Terminal has been designed to put more control in the hands of the trader and allows for more precision and flexibility for managing your trades. You can trade pairs with fiat as a Quote currency, like USD or CAD.

TokenTact only needs read and write access, enabling the service to check your balances and execute orders within your exchange. The paper trading interface has the exact design of a real trading account. In addition, you can practice this paper trading account while learning through the collection of educational resources on the site. You can even enter, check out other traders’ charts and see how your imaginary portfolio is faring against other traders. The Forex Gump bot is popular among traders due to its advanced algorithm which encompasses a wide array of market conditions for it to adapt quickly to ever-changing circumstances. The robot has a solid background in terms of performance, reliability, and customer reviews.

Being able to copy bots from successful traders speeds up the learning curve. Also, being able to see all your wallets in one location is very helpful. Even though both services provide ready-made and customizable trading strategy options, TokenTact is clearly the winning software. This platform has a wider variety of trading strategies available (23) and implies minimal risks. However, it has already gained a loyal user base, as it holds MAS and MBS licenses from Singapore and a U.S.

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